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Examining Adaptive Case Management to Support Processes for Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture (EA) management is a well-defined practice for conducting coherent and consistent analysis, design, planning, and implementation for successful execution of business strategy. In practice many organizations are struggling with EA frameworks since the processes to manage the EA are not adequately supported. In this paper we examine Adaptive Case Management (ACM) as an emerging paradigm to support agile, lean, and collaborative processes for EA management (EAM). In contrast to traditional workflow management, ACM empowers end users to adapt their processes at run-time. Based on the findings of an extensive literature review we derived requirements for ACM and developed a prototype based on these requirements to support EA management processes. We applied our solution for the development of a planned state of the architecture in the EA department of a German insurance organization. The findings from expert interviews with three enterprise architects and two EA consultants of this insurance organization are very promising and provide valuable insights how more effective support for EAM processes can be achieved in the future.