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We are an open Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) platform and we want to provide you with wiki articles for EAM topics as well as with practice relevant documents. 

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10 Most Downloaded Files (April 2018):

160311_Keller_TOGAF 9.1 Quick Start Guide for IT Enterprise Architects
18_Cross Business Architecture Lab_EA goes agile
20160408 Goldes HPI EAM - 08 ModelsMetaModelsHybridWikis
20160416 Fuhrer, Bente Lean EAM_Leichtgewichtiges Architekturmanagement im 3 x 3 x 3 Ansatz
20170308 Hanschke World Café Lean & Agile
20160408 Goldes HPI EAM - 08 ModelsMetaModelsHybridWikis
160825_Niemann_Business Architecture The Key to Strategic Architecture Management
20160706 Matthes Pattern-based Design Research (PDR)
20160408 Keller Reformstau
20160706 Matthes EA Visualization Tool Survey




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Enterprise Architecture Management Concept Map

You can use the concept map below to navigate through EAM foundation topics (the concept map is clickable).


Image Map

Figure 1: Concept Map of Foundational EAM Topics, own illustration.