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Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog


Methodologies, viewpoints and information models are presented as so called EAM patterns: They describe possible solutions for recurring problems that can and may have to be adapted to a specific enterprise context. 

The EAM Pattern Catalog identifies best practices by focusing on concerns, methodology patterns, viewpoint patterns and information model patterns, which are considered relevant and useful by experienced practitioners and are also supported by literature.

The EAM Pattern Catalog utilizes a consistent terminology and information organization to simplify the selection, adaption and integration of patterns. The EAM Pattern Catalog is organized in a way that it serves as a starting point for a pattern community, similar to the design pattern community in software engineering. Over time, the pattern catalog is meant to be expanded and revised based on the growing knowledge and practical experience gained in managing the EA.

To summarize, the EAM Pattern Catalog should help practitioners introducing EA management in a given enterprise and should provide academia with a solid and extensive reference documenting current approaches in EA management and their rationale.