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Agile Enterprise Architecture Management - An Analysis on the Application of Agile Principles

Enterprise Architecture (EA) management has proven to be an efficient instrument to align business and IT from a holistic perspective. Many organizations have established a permanent EA management function responsible for modeling, analyzing, and defining the current and future EA state as well as the roadmap. Similar as in software development, EA management initiatives face challenges that delay results, complicate the collaboration, and deteriorate the overall work quality. While in software development, agile principles and values reflected in tangible methods like Scrum and Extreme Programming are increasingly adopted by organizations, there is little known whether these practices have already made their way into EA management. Based on three research questions, this paper sheds light on the status-quo of agile principles applied to EA management. We present results of an online survey among 105 industry experts working for more than 10 industry sectors across 22 different countries.