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160311_Keller_TOGAF 9.1 Quick Start Guide for IT Enterprise Architects

Why would anybody need a 60 pages short book on TOGAF 9.1 if TOGAF itself is a 690 pages architecture framework, written by renowned experts from 300 top IT companies who sure know their stuff and will provide you with anything you need as an enterprise architect?

The answer is: YES - TOGAF 9.1 provides you with very helpful, very sound and extensive lists of WHAT to do in Enterprise IT Architecture. The advice from various people working in Enterprise IT Architecture is: Use TOGAF! There's no reason not to use it.

But TOGAF does not yet provide you with a QuickStart and Accelerators that give an Expert a fast to read ballpark view of which items of an IT enterprise architect's task list are covered by TOGAF and which are not. And as you will also see, there are areas of an IT Enterprise Architect's task list which are not covered by TOGAF at the moment. This makes it a rewarding task to give people interested in TOGAF an idea of what they can expect and what they have to finde elsewhere.