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Architecture Description Language (ADL)

An Architecture description language (ADL) is domain-specific modeling language for EAM.

Architecture Description Language (ADL) Foundations

Architecture description languages (ADLs) are any kind of modeling language, that can be used to express system architectures. That means, ADLs provide a set of rules and common practices for the creation of visualizations like e.g. flow diagrams or organization charts. The resulting visualizations address concerns of EAM stakeholders and can be grouped into views [11a].

ADLs are often supported by EAM tools to aid the creation, use and analysis of its models and visualizations [11a].


List of Architecture Description Languages (ADLs)

Examples of ADLs are ArchiMate® developed by the Open Group [16], RM-ODP as defined in ISO/IEC 10746:2009 and ISO/IEC 15414:2015 [15], Rapide developed at Stanford University [Luc+95], Wright developed at Carnegie Mellon University [All97], and SysML developed by the Object Management Group [Obj15].



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